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LVDS adapter board
LVDS Adapter Board translates standard TTL or CMOS-level digital signals to LVDS signals used by Intan headstages.

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LVDS adapter board

LVDS adapter board showing Omnetics connectors for interfacing with Intan headstages (top) and 0.1" male headers to connect to custom hardware using TTL/CMOS-level signals (bottom).

LVDS Adapter Board

The LVDS Adapter Board (Part #C3490) is a hardware development tool that translates standard TTL or CMOS-level digital signals to low-voltage differential signals (LVDS) used by Intan RHD2000, RHS2000, or CLAMP headstages. This can be useful when interfacing Intan headstages to commercial microcontrollers or FPGAs since most Intan headstages are hardwired to use LVDS signals. While LVDS signals are essential for reliable high-speed digital signaling over long SPI interface cables, few microcontrollers support LVDS I/O.

The board must be powered by +3.3V. Logic voltage levels from 2V to 5V are supported.


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