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RHD2000 dual headstage adapter
RHD2000 dual headstage adapter for use with all RHD2000 amplifier boards and SPI interface cables. The adapter is fabricated on a flexible printed circuit board. (Click for larger image.)

Main Documentation:

RHD2000 dual headstage adapter datasheet

SPI interface cable/connector specification

Application note: Adapting SPI cables to a commutator

Supporting Documents:

RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet

RHD2000 recording system catalog

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96-channel headstageA 96-channel headstage with accelerometer created by combining an RHD2164 amplifier board with an RHD2132 amplifier/accelerometer board. The flexibility of the dual headstage adapter permits varied physical configurations. (Click for larger image.)

128-channel headstageTwo RHD2164 amplifier boards attached to a dual headstage adapter to create a 128-channel headstage using a single SPI interface cable. (Click for larger image.)

RHD2000 Dual Headstage Adapter

The RHD2000 dual headstage adapter (Part #C3440) connects two amplifier boards to a single SPI interface cable, enabling high-density digital recording modules with up to 128 channels (see photos below).

The dual headstage adapter is fabricated on a flexible printed circuit board, allowing it to be folded accommodate a wide variety of electrode connector configurations. An SPI interface cable should be plugged into the center connector and RHD2000 amplifier boards should be attached to the left and right (MISO1 and MISO2) connectors, as shown below. Amplifier boards of different types may be combined using the dual headstage adapter. All RHD2000 amplifier boards and SPI interface cables are compatible with this device.

Use of this adapter with daisy-chained SPI interface cables exceeding 6 feet (1.8 meters) in total length may require a minor modification of one amplifier board to maintain high fidelity of the digital data. These technical details are discussed in the RHD2000 dual headstage adapter datasheet.

The dual headstage adapter cannot be used with the RHD2000 128-channel amplifier board.

This board is a component of the RHD2000 Evaluation System.

The operation of the USB interface board and amplifier boards are described in more detail in the RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet. All components of the system are shown in the RHD2000 recording system catalog. The evaluation system is built around our open-source Rhythm USB/FPGA interface.

Complete schematics of this adapter board are available on our downloads page.


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