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RHD2000 wire adapter with amplifier board
RHD2000 36-pin wire adapter connected to an Intan Technologies RHD2216 amplifier board.

Supporting Documents:

RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet

RHD2000 evaluation system catalog

Pricing information

RHD2000 36-pin wire adapterRHD2000 36-pin wire adapter for use with most RHD2000 amplifier boards.

RHD2000 18-pin wire adapterRHD2000 18-pin wire adapter for use with the RHD2132 16-channel amplifier board.

RHD2000 Wire Adapters

To facilitate custom electrode wiring, Intan Technologies offers two types of wire adapters that bring out all electrode contacts from an RHD2000 amplifier board to individual 34-AWG multi-colored wires.

The RHD2000 36-pin wire adapter (Part #C3420) connects to most RHD2000 amplifier boards, including the RHD2132 and RHD2216 amplifier boards, the RHD2132 and RHD2216 amplifier / accelerometer boards, and the RHD2164 64-channel amplifier board.

The RHD2000 18-pin wire adapter (Part #B7600) connects to the RHD2132 16-channel amplifier board.

These wires may be trimmed to custom lengths and soldered to other conductors or connectors. To guard against noise pickup, the lengths of these wires should be minimized and the wires should be bundled together to avoid creating open loops that can pick up inductive interference.

Intan Technologies also offers a 36-pin electrode adapter board that may be more appropriate for some applications.

This board is a component of the RHD2000 Evaluation System.

The operation of the USB interface board and amplifier boards are described in more detail in the RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet. All components of the system are shown in the RHD2000 evaluation system catalog. The evaluation system is built around our open-source Rhythm USB/FPGA interface.



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