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RHD2216 Arduino shield
The RHD2216 Arduino Shield plugs into an Arduino Uno microcontroller (not included) and allows users to monitor low-frequency biopotential signals from two channels of an Intan RHD2216 amplifier chip. (Click for larger image.)

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RHD2216 Arduino Shield manual

RHD2216 Arduino Shield software

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RHD2216 Arduino shield connected to Arduino Uno (not included)

RHD2216 Arduino Shield connected to Arduino Uno (not included). (Click for larger image.)

RHD2216 Arduino shield with snap electrode leads

RHD2216 Arduino Shield with included snap electrode leads. (Click for larger image.)

RHD2216 Arduino Shield

The RHD2216 Arduino Shield (Part #C3601) allows users to monitor low-frequency biopotential signals (typically EMG or ECG) from two low-noise amplifier channels using the RHD2216 digital electrophysiology chip from Intan Technologies. An Arduino Uno microcontroller (not included) is connected to the shield and communicates to a computer over a USB interface. Free open-source Arduino C++ software from Intan allows users to monitor two biopotential signals and use activity on these channels to trigger sound cues and digital pulses.

The RHD2216 Arduino Shield has the following features:

  • Included software implements a 1 kHz per channel sampling rate on two amplifier channels, suitable for EMG and ECG signals.
  • Easy access to two amplifier channels through 3.5 mm phone jacks. Electrode leads with snap connectors included.
  • CMOS-level SPI bus communication with Intan RHD2216 amplifier chip.
  • Solder holes offer access to an additional 14 amplifier channels and other auxiliary I/O.
  • On-board two-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC) can reconstruct analog waveforms from two amplifier channels in real time with sub-millisecond latency.
  • On-board configuration switches select 50/60 Hz notch filter operation, audio output, and total gain.
  • Activity detection digital output pins indicate when the input signal level is above a user-selectable threshold.

The operation of this device is described in more detail in the RHD2216 Arduino Shield manual.



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