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RHA2000 series amplifier chips

RHA2000 series 16- and 32-channel amplifier chips in standard plastic QFN (Quad Flat pack, No leads) packages.

RHA2000 Series datasheet

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FAQ: Why is the gain of the RHA2000 Series ampifiers fixed at 200?

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Application note: Interfacing a microphone to Intan amplifier chips

Bond pad diagrams for RHA2000 bare die

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RHA2000 series multi-channel bioamplifier chips

Introduced in 2010, the RHA2000 Series Amplifier Arrays are low-power microchips from Intan Technologies.  These single-chip devices contain 16 or 32 low-noise, low-power amplifiers with programmable bandwidths suitable for many bioinstrumentation monitoring and recording applications.  RHA2000 series chips are available in standard 6 mm x 6 mm or 8 mm x 8 mm plastic QFN surface-mount packages for solder assembly on printed circuit boards, and are also available in bare die form for advanced chip-on-board assembly.

For a detailed description of chip functions, see the RHA2000 Series datasheet.

RHA2000 Family

  • RHA2116 16-channel amplifier array with unipolar inputs and one common reference input.
  • RHA2216 16-channel amplifier array with bipolar inputs.
  • RHA2132 32-channel amplifier array with unipolar inputs and one common reference input.

RHA2000 Series Features

  • Fully integrated amplifier arrays; no off-chip filter capacitors required.
  • Low input-referred noise: 2 microvolts RMS.
  • Low power operation: less than 500 microwatts per channel.
  • On-chip high speed analog multiplexer allows many amplifiers to share one external A/D converter.
  • Lower cutoff frequency of all amplifiers set by external resistor; adjustable from 0.02 Hz to 1.0 kHz.
  • Upper cutoff frequency of all amplifiers set by external resistors; adjustable from 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • True zero gain at DC rejects electrode offset voltages.
  • In situ electrode impedance measurement capability.

RHA2000 Series Applications

  • Miniaturized multi-channel headstages for neural or ECoG recording.
  • Low-power wireless headstages or backpacks for electrophysiology experiments.
  • "Smart Petri dish" in vitro recording systems.
  • Simultaneous recording of spikes and local field potentials (LFPs) from microelectrodes.
  • Portable multi-channel EEG or EMG recording systems.
  • Wearable EKG monitors.
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