RHD Electroplating Board

Product Discontinued

This product was discontinued in February 2022 due to supply chain issues.

The RHD electroplating board (Part #C3180) was designed to support the RHD 128-channel headstage. In combination, these two modules support automated electroplating of dense microelectrode arrays for electrophysiological recording. This board is a component of the RHD recording system, a family of open-source hardware and software that allows users to record biopotential signals from up to 1024 low-noise amplifier channels using RHD amplifier chips from Intan Technologies.

The 12 cm x 7.5 cm board connects to a host computer via a standard USB 2.0 interface and is powered by a 5 V power supply (included). The electroplating board also includes a multicolored plating control cable that connects to the RHD 128-channel headstage. The headstage and an SPI interface cable must be purchased separately. The free control software that operates the electroplating board is available for Windows or Mac.

The electroplating board contains a programmable DC voltage source and a programmable DC current source. Either method may be used for electroplating. The voltage range is ±3.3 V and the current range is ±10 μA. Voltage steps below one millivolt and current steps below one nanoamp are supported for precise control.

The electroplating board applies voltage or current pulses to individual electrodes connected to the headstage, then measures the resulting electrode impedance. This permits closed-loop control of electroplating to reach user-specified target impedances.

Documents and Software

Intan RHD electroplating board
RHD electroplating board connected to an RHD 128-channel headstage with an SPI interface cable