RHD Recording Controller

Intan RHD recording controller

The Intan RHD recording controller allows users to record electrophysiology signals from up to 1024 channels using small, affordable hardware and free, open-source software. The recording controller comes in a 512-channel version with four headstage ports (Part #C3004) and a 1024-channel version with eight headstage ports (Part #C3008). The RHD recording controller connects to a host computer via a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cable. Small RHD headstages connect to the recording controller via thin, flexible all-digital SPI cables.

Note: The RHD recording system cannot use RHS stim/recording headstages or RHS interface cables. The RHD and RHS systems are not compatible.


  • Supports all Intan RHD headstages with sampling rates from 1 kS/s to 30 kS/s.
  • Independent ground isolation on each headstage port to reduce noise from ground loops.
  • Software supports in situ electrode impedance measurement.
  • Two analog input ports and two analog output ports with ±10V range.
  • Two digital input ports and two digital output ports.
  • Analog and digital inputs are recorded in sync with amplifier waveforms; may be used to trigger automated episodic recording sessions.
  • Optional I/O expander increases the number of auxiliary ports to 8 analog in, 8 analog out, 16 digital in, and 16 digital out.
  • May be mounted in standard 19" rack (1U) or operated from a bench top.

Note: RHS stim/recording headstages and Stim SPI cables will not work with the RHD recording controller. The RHS headstages require additional voltage and control signals that are not present in the RHD system.

RHD 512ch recording controller
RHD 512-channel recording controller
RHD 1024ch recording controller
RHD 1024-channel recording controller

Intan 512ch recording controller front panel

Intan 1024ch recording controller front panel

Intan recording controller back panel

Intan recording controller software


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