RHD USB Interface Board

Intan RHD recording controller

Product Permanently Discontinued

This product was discontinued in February 2022 due to supply chain issues. Please consider the RHD recording controller instead.

The Intan RHD USB interface board (Part #C3100) allows users to record electrophysiology signals from up to 256 channels using small, affordable hardware and free, open-source software. The board connects to a host computer via a USB 2.0 cable. Small RHD headstages connect to the recording controller via thin, flexible all-digital SPI cables.


  • Supports all Intan RHD headstages with sampling rates from 1 kS/s to 30 kS/s.
  • Software supports in situ electrode impedance measurement.
  • Eight analog input ports with 0 to +3.3V range (no negative voltages allowed).
  • Eight analog output ports with ±3.3V range can reconstruct selected amplifier channels.
  • 16 digital input ports accept 2.5V, 3.3V, or 5V signals.
  • 16 3.3V digital output ports.
  • Analog and digital inputs are recorded in sync with amplifier waveforms; may be used to trigger automated episodic recording sessions.

Warning: The RHD USB interface board includes a 5V power supply that should always be used to power the device. The power plug is the same size as laptop power supplies, which are 19V and will permanently damage this device if they are mistakenly used, even briefly.

Note: We do not sell a case for the RHD USB interface board, but some of our users have developed 3D printer files for a case.

Note: RHS stim/recording headstages and Stim SPI cables will not work with the RHD USB interface board. The RHS headstages require additional voltage and control signals that are not present in the RHD system.

Intan RHD USB interface board


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