RHD Controllers

Product Discontinued

The RHD USB interface board was discontinued in February 2022 due to supply chain issues. Please use the RHD recording controller instead.

The RHD recording system offers several options for a USB-linked controller: the 512-channel or 1024-channel RHD recording controller, and the 256-channel RHD USB interface board.

Each controller supports multiple RHD recording headstages, sampling each amplifier channel up to 30 kSamples/s. Each controller also has a number of digital and analog inputs that are sampled in synchrony with the headstages, allowing users to tie in other laboratory equipment to one data acquisition system.

The controllers have analog outputs that can reconstruct selected digitized amplifier signals back to analog waveforms in real time. Two of these analog signals are also routed to the left and right channels of an audio out line jack, which can be connected to an audio amplifier for real time monitoring of any two headstage signals.

Each controller has digital outputs; eight of which can serve as low-latency threshold comparators that operate on the signals routed to the analog outputs.

Technical Specs
Part #C3100
RHD USB interface board
Part #C3004 or #C3008
RHD recording controller
headstage ports 4, non-isolated 4 or 8, each with independent ground isolation
computer interface USB 2.0 USB 3.0
amplifier channels supported 256
(limited by USB 2.0)
512 or 1024
construction bare circuit board
Warning: liquids can damage board
small 1U rack-mountable metal case with fold out feet for benchtop operation
data acquisition software free, Windows/Mac executables supplied;
open source C++/Qt
digital inputs 16 (3.3V nominal, 5V tolerated) 2 (2.0V to 5.5V);
16 with I/O expander
digital outputs 16 (3.3V) 2 (3.3V or 5V, selectable);
16 with I/O expander
analog inputs 8 (16-bit ADCs, 0 to +3.3V range)
Warning: negative voltages or voltages >3.3V will damage board
2 (16-bit ADCs, ±10.24V range);
8 with I/O expander
analog outputs 8 (16-bit DACs, ±3.3V range) 2 (16-bit DACs, ±10.24V range);
8 with I/O expander
audio line out yes; stereo
power source 5V AC international adapter (included)
Warning: voltages >5V (e.g., laptop power supplies) will destroy board
AC power (90-260V)
footprint 16 cm x 10 cm 49 cm x 17 cm
RHD 512ch recording controller
RHD 512-channel recording controller with headstages
RHD 1024ch recording controller
RHD 1024-channel recording controller
RHD USB interface board
RHD USB interface board with headstage